Don't Take Our Word For It

“Chris and Susan - Authentic real people who give amazing value and love sharing their wisdom and knowledge. Pay attention you might learn something that transforms your life. Chris and Susan a prince and princess of value and integrity in a less than perfect digital world”

Nick East

“Chris and Susan are truly an awesome couple who are always willing to share their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. They are in my estimation real leaders in their field and I can honestly say that it's a real blessing to know these two wonderful people”

Mike Thomas

“I wouldn't be where I am without the support and coaching I have received from these 2. They go above and beyond, all you have to do is implement”

Karen Roberts

“Just figured I'd share this for a little motivation. I remember thinking how impossible it seemed to hit $100 per day consistently.
Just stick to the process and don't quit! You'll be there in no time!
In the month of June I've done a total of $3779. Yes I have way farther to go, but if I can do this, then anyone can do this.”

Nate Fancher

“Hey all, Just wanted to announce my 1st online sale ever.....following what I learned from this course. and a special thanks to Brendan and the team for guiding me”

Omar Khan

“Just made my 4th sale after starting with PPA...thank you Brendan”

Pamela Reyes-Saputo